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How to Save a Project of Global Proportions

In 2004 we embarked on a journey of global proportions. We asked the world one simple question, "If you could advise Americans on how they could be better global citizens, what would you tell them?" Not surprisingly we received a ton of feedback. Some of the responses were funny and bordering on the absurd. But for the most part, many were thoughtful and prescriptive with consistencies across regions. We took this massive amount of feedback, distilled it down, and packaged a passport sized guide chock full of the best insights, tips, and resources initially to inspire and equip American college students due to study abroad. We could have never imagined then that the guide would go viral, garner national media attention, and take on a life of its own.

The Entrepreneur, The Professor & The Diplomat

We heard from people near and far who were using the guide and asking for versions to support their global business efforts. So we developed and launched a guide for business travelers. We also heard from countless teachers and parents asking for a kids version of the guide to start the global conversations at home and in the classroom. In response, we developed a kids guide and companion curriculum prototype that unfortunately never launched due to lack of funding available for such efforts at the time. In many ways we were ahead of the national conversations on global education that are only just now starting to take root.

Our parent non-profit which spear-headed our initial efforts, Business for Diplomatic Action, retired in December of 2010 and it was initially thought that the World Citizens Guide may retire as well. And then an entrepreneur, professor and diplomat, who had been involved in leading the effort from its inception, came together to save the World Citizens Guide and give it new life.

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Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open World.

What began as a little book designed to initially help American college students studying abroad quickly became a growing family of guides and resources designed to support, encourage, and engage all Americans to be more globally-minded. The passport sized guides were designed to travel with you and encourage you to test your limits, challenge your fears, and open your heart and mind.

With the guides, we invite you into global conversations, a global consciousness, and global adventures unlike any you’ve experienced before. The World Citizens Guide is a practical tool delivering on demand insights, knowledge, and resources to fuel your journey. The World Citizens Guide if for every American, global traveler, global executive, global educator, and global leader. We hope you enjoy travelling and experiencing the world as much as we do and this site has been designed as a place for you to visit again and again with updated useful tips, resources, unique insights and fun facts on countries and cultures around the globe.

We believe when you have better world citizens, you have a better world. Will you join us?